The Challenges

Migrants and The Global Remittance

In 2020, the equivalent of $2.45 Trillion were sent by 272 million migrants around the world via traditional bank transfers and underground remittances.

$689 billion

were sent by migrants via traditional bank.

1.76 trillion

was remitted through underground remittances.

Bitcoin failed as P2P

It was promised to be a P2P electronic cash intended as a medium of exchange. Bitcoin is now Digital Gold, making it impossible for everyday use.

Ethereum & Altcoins

Although Ethereum has developed an efficient smart contract, it comes with high fees and is out of reach for most individuals.

If you think, Crypto is the solution.

You're wrong

Due to the volatility and complex functionalities of crypto, it is too difficult to understand and use for daily transactions. Only people who know about it will use it, and that is a relatively small percentage of the population.


Crypto for remittance is not simple.

Despite its volatility. Crypto's complex security make it extremely difficult to use for day-to-day needs for an average user.

Wallet Creation

In order to create a wallet, users must follow several steps and keep a secure passphrase of 12 or 24 characters.

Public & Private Keys

Manage multiple public and private keys can be cumbersome, leading to loss of funds.

Obtain Crypto

A staggering 1.7 billion unbanked people don't have the means to purchase cryptocurrency.

Off-Ramp to Cash

Underdeveloped countries rely on cash instead of crypto.

There is still a bigger barrier

Asdra Protocol is the solution to Global Remittance

The user experience is far from FRIENDLY

Despite its volatility, crypto's complex features make it extremely difficult to use for day-to-day needs.

Wallet Creation

Multiple steps to create wallet

Public / Private Keys

Complicated to manage keys

Obtain Crypto

Limited access to purchase crypto

Off-Ramp to Cash

Family require cash not crypto


Introducing Asdra Protocol

Asdra Move App considers user experience and places them at the heart of forward-thinking design. Users can take advantages of using Asdra Protocol without limitation.

One Tap Sign Up

Automatic wallet creation

Deposit FIAT

Multi-Bank API Connectors

Send from Contacts

Send through @username

Best FX Rate

Unbeatable FX Rate

Exchange Icon

Instant Transfer

Transaction Finality in Seconds

Cash Out Easily

P2P Cash Network


Asdra Multilayers Protocol

To enable instantaneous remittance worldwide. Asdra's multilayers consist of six layers of functionality, including multi-smart contracts for converting fiat into stable tokens, token exchanges, exchange rate oracles, international settlement liquidity, and Asdra's token governance.

User Layer

Asdra reimagines user onboarding with "One Tap Sign Up" built into the protocol to ensure user privacy and security. Users can send money with just @username.

One Tap Sign Up

Security Certificate Registration
Cryptographic Keys Generation
UUID Generation Sync

Blockchain Wallet
Secure Enclave Keys
User’s Cloud Back Up

Location Based Currency
Based Currency Switch

Send money with just @username

Ledger Layer

This component is responsible for interacting with local banks, processing FIAT deposits and withdrawals, interacting with the Vault Layer, and exchanging stable tokens.

Local Bank API Connector

Integrating a secure API connector with Local Bank simplifies the implementation of DAPPs.

Manage FIAT Deposit

Manage multi-currency FIAT deposits via DAPPs.

Swap FIAT & Stable Token

The FIAT deposit will be automatically converted into the Stable Token of user choice.

Send Local Stable Token

Tokens are instantly transferred through the ledger with ZERO fees.

Remittance Layer

Calculate and compare exchange rates using Oracle off-chain data. Perform global remittance operations, as well as access and exchange Asdra Stable Tokens.

Retrieve Off-Chain Data
Provide Best Exchange Rate

Stable Token Swap

Transact Global Remittance
Blockchain Connector

Vault & Tokens Layer

The Vault and Token Layer has the authority to mint and burn Asdra Stable Tokens and utility tokens from Asdra Protocol and to ensure the stability of the protocol.


1:1 FIAT Pegged

Currencies Supported

Generated and

Global Payments