Banking the Unbanked

Asdra is driven by our mission to "Banking the Unbanked." Our proposition is simple: to help people who are less fortunate grow by helping them send their hard-earned money home through internet and blockchain technology.

The Global Remittance Problem

In 2020, the equivalent of $2.45 Trillion were sent by migrants via traditional bank transfers and underground remittances.

$689 billion

were sent by migrants via traditional bank.

1.76 trillion

was remitted through underground remittances.

Bitcoin failed as money

Bitcoin intended to be P2P Electronic-Cash, medium of exchange, is now Digital Gold, making it impossible for everyday use.

Ethereum and Altcoins

hough ETH developed a secure and efficient DeFi, it is expensive and out of reach for most individuals.

If you think Bitcoin is a solution. You are wrong.

Due to the volatility and complex functionalities of crypto, it is too difficult to understand and use for daily purchases. Only people who know about it will use it, and that is a relatively small percentage of the population.

There is still a bigger barrier

The user experience is far from FRIENDLY

Despite its volatility, crypto's complex features make it extremely difficult to use for day-to-day needs.

Wallet Creation

Multiple steps to create wallet

Public / Private Keys

Complicated to manage keys

Obtain Crypto

Limited access to purchase crypto

Off-Ramp to Cash

Family require cash not crypto

Asdra Protocol is the solution to Global Remittance

Constructed with five layers for all magic behind the scenes functionality from converting Fiat money to stable tokens, exchanging and transferring tokens, algorithmically managing stability of tokens and governance.

Remittance Layer

Involve the entire Asdra Ecosystem smart contracts tools, allowing users to take advantage of Asdra's Stablecoins extreme stability and provide real-time global remittances.

Global Remittances

Transfer money to anywhere in the world instantly.

Stable Tokens

Exchange local currency token to destination currency token

Lightning Speed

Execute transactions in seconds with initial support of 100K TPS.

Lower Fees

Utilizing Asdra Stable Coins to offer real-time global money transfers with the best rate on the market.

Stable Tokens Layer

Asdra Stablecoins are created to enable reality-based pegged currencies that enable the power of the blockchain, improved speed, transparency, and stability.




Currencies Supported

Generated and


Vault Layer

Imagine a giant digital bank that kept all the Asdra Stable Tokens in reserve, all real-world collateral provided in FIAT in exchange for Asdra Stable Tokens. And a mine that detain the profit from Asdra activities not yet distribute to Asdra Utility Tokens holders.

The Vault that Never sleeps

The operations of Asdra are fully decentralized, the secure vault that never sleeps, always available to withdraw and supply the other layers in real-time.

Work when you sleep

When FIAT is used as collateral for Asdra Stable Tokens, funds are held by our trusted custodian and powerful AI financial controls.

Magic Layer

An advanced SWAP machine system that controls the total supply of each single stable token currency generated.

Smart Balance

The Smart Layer automatically balances supply and demand, ensuring that for each Asdra Stable Token the pegged to real world currency is always maintained.

Algorithmic Supply

The Asdra Stable Token is minted by the Magic Layer algorithmically without the need to pay stability fees. The Asdra Utility Token is the raw material that makes the swap possible.

Governance Layer

It is a great place, full of smart people with a desire to better the world around us. Asdra utility token holders are rewarded if the establishment and prosperity is maintained.

The diligent tasks

Futures implementations, change protocol parameters, fees, and collateral regulations.

The Profit

Vote diligently for the Asdra Utility token to ensure that its value increases over time in addition to improving the life of Asdra's users as well as token holders.