A Decentralised Asdra Reserve Currency Token

Introducing a unique economic and game-theoretic dynamics into the market through asset-backing and protocol owned value. DARC Tokens exist to protect any investors from the negative impact of currency inflation.

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DARC Token protects investors against currency inflation

DARC tokens hold an alternative intrinsic value which is not directly influenced by inflation. Token mechanics are governed by a theoretical framework that is included in a set of smart contracts managed by the Asdra Protocol.

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DARC Token

The needs of a Decentralized Reserve Currency

Asdra is driven by our mission to "Banking the Unbanked." Our proposition is simple: to help people who are less fortunate grow by helping them send their hard-earned money home through internet and blockchain technology.

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DARC can’t fall below its intrinsic value

In contrast to other tokens, DARC Tokens are backed by assets. Price can fluctuate, but cannot go below intrinsic value, which is backed up by an insurance basket.  

DARC adds another level of stability

To ensure the stability of the token, the protocol creates algorithms that are triggered by market conditions and DARC values, including but not limited to the assets backing each DARC.

DARC supports the Asdra Protocol

As the liquidity provider for Asdra Protocol, DARC indirectly supports the Treasury in its ability to issue bonds, increase and decrease interest rates, and stabilize the market price independently.

DARC Token

Earn impressively high yield with DARC

Solution Offered by Asdra

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Own DARC, obtain a decertified APY

 DARC offers decertified APYs to investors with the possibility of choosing their level of risk versus cumulative interest potential.

Stake DARC, get high yield return up to 100%

Those investors who stake their DARC tokens obtain more DARC tokens with a consistent capital growth, interest ratio vs capital on risk, based on the pool chosen by the investor. Asdra Wealth provides three pools.

Asdra Protocol is the solution to Global Remittance

Asdra Utility Token

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