Asdra Stable Tokens

A stabilizing engine for the Asdra Protocol


Asdra Stable Tokens

Asdra Stable Tokens are tokens whose value is linked 1:1 to FIAT currencies. The Asdra Stable Tokens pegged are automatically maintained by the Asdra Protocol and more specifically by the Vault and Tokens Layer.

Asdra supports 180 FIAT currencies of the global financial market by default, such as AsdraUSD for the USD, AsdraEUR for the EUR, and so on.

How are Asdra Stable Tokens generated?

Asdra Stable Tokens can be generated in two ways. They may also be algorithmically generated by providing liquidity in FIAT or swapping Asdra Utility Tokens, or by providing collateral via the Wealth Layer. Asdra uses the continuous approach for all Stable Tokens supported by the ecosystem.

Asdra Stable Tokens Continuous approach

As part of the Bonding Curve Contracts, Continuous Tokens are a new type of token whose price is continuously calculated. There are a number of interesting properties of continuous tokens, such as:

  • No limit to supply. Tokens can be minted in an unlimited number.
  • Deterministic pricing. Purchasing and selling prices of tokens are affected by the number of tokens that are minted.
  • A constant price. Token n has a lower price than token n+1 and a higher price than token n-1.
  • Availability of instant liquidity. By acting as an automated market maker, the bonding curve allows tokens to be bought or sold instantly at any time. Bonding curve contracts act as counter-parties to the transaction and keep a sufficient level of ETH on hand to buy tokens back. It is possible to attain these properties through the use of bonding curves.

These properties are made possible through the use of bonding curves.

What is the role of Asdra Stable Tokens in the Asdra Protocol?

  1. AsdraUSD pegged is carefully managed by the Vault & Tokens Layer. Participants holding Asdra Stable Tokens or Asdra Token are a fundamental part of Asdra Protocol, in times of contraction or expansion participants can benefit from SWAP Stable Tokens to Asdra Token or Asdra Token to Stable Tokens with a seigniorage concept.
  2. Asdra offers a FIAT / Crypto Remittance service that provides a fast and reliable best rate solution for the global economy. Participants who have decided to deposit FIAT and transfer funds through remittance country to country will go through the Vault & Tokens Layer, a place fully handled by AI where FIAT currencies are held, the Vault & Tokens Layer holds a stable reserve of tokens after a number of users and volumes, capable of SWAP real-time FIAT to Asdra Stable Tokens instantly. At the same time, an unnecessary reserve of Stable Tokens is burned.

Token Circulation

The issuance and removal of Asdra from the system are governed by a complex system of interdependent mechanisms designed to ensure that Asdra Stable Tokens are always fully collateralized. Collateralization is a delicate mechanism inside the Vault & Tokens Layer that handles autonomously price, demand and supply.

Asdra Stable Tokens Pegged FIAT currencies are also minted providing FIAT as collateral, in the coming future commodities and properties assets may also be integrated into the pegged maintaining stability. There is no hard-coded limit on the total supply of Asdra Stable Tokens.

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