Asdra Closes $1 Million in Private Sale Round

Our Private Sale Round drew a lot of interest within 24 hours.


In March 2021, we launched Asdra for the first time, after months of putting in a lot of effort with the dedicated team to develop a reliable solution to serve the unbanked. There is no doubt that releasing something for the first time publicly is a very nerve-wracking experience, however, our mission to serve up a real solution to a problem is unstoppable.

Asdra is revolutionizing global remittance, driven by the mission to “Banking the Unbanked.” We are building a DeFi payment protocol that facilitates limited access to DeFi products and traditional financial services that not only solves problems related to global remittances and blockchain technology but also a platform for wealth creation that everyone can contribute to.

Our Private Sale Round drew a lot of interest within 24 hours.

Even though this number was great, what was better for us was the positive feedback, engagement, drive, and appreciation for our mission. It was astounding to witness sign-ups from almost every industry around the world. In the end, we raised $1 million from Early Stage Backers with flying colors.

The amount was raised in a 24-hour sale round. The sale is equivalent to the reserve of 100,000,000 ASDRA Tokens that are equivalent to 10% of the Maximum Supply, 20% will be distributed a TGEs (Token Generation Event), 80% with 2 years quarterly vesting. Due to the fact that Asdra Protocol will be hosted on Cardano Blockchain, we accepted $ADA exclusively.

Going forward

We’re delighted to share this exciting new chapter in our revolutionary story with the community, but we also know this is only the beginning of an even longer journey. we’re stoked to be embarking on with our thriving team and our incredible investors.

Last but not least, thanks to all our early customers. Your trust and support have helped us get off to an exciting start on this adventure. Our journey to this next chapter would not have been possible without you.

Asdra Team

In addition to the success of the Asdra Protocol’s Early Stage Backer sale, we’re excited to take another step forward. We’re gearing up for our next Private Sale Series A and the next public token sale. Be the first to access the waiting list by following us on social media and our website.

“Thanks to all the sales round participants, we are really excited to bring industry experts, leaders, and Asdra team members on board. In fact, a strong army of investors, as well as key stakeholders, will help build the Asdra Protocol ecosystem. Asdra driven mission to “Banking the Unbanked.” is finally closer to being launched.”
- Francesco -
Co-Founder, Asdra Protocol

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