Asdra announces its collaboration with BinarApps an IOHK strategic partner

Asdra announces its collaboration with BinarApps an IOHK strategic partner to consult, build and verify Cardano's Plutus Smart Contract for global remittance services on the Asdra Protocol


The team at Asdra Inc. is not resting on their oars of delivering blockchain solutions to all categories of clients as the company announces plans to launch their remittance service, leveraging Cardano Blockchain. In a related development, Asdra recently agreed to collaborate with a development company BinarApps based in Poland, as part of the process of launching the innovative Asdra’s smart contracts that will challenge the status quo in the global blockchain market.

Asdra Inc. aims to build, launch, and maintain the Asdra Protocol, the Asdra Stable Token Algorithms, and related future services in cooperation with the Asdra community and external collaborators. Recent developments, including collaboration with other brands in the fintech industry, have pointed to the readiness of the company to deliver the solutions as claimed.

Asdra’s company team members have built a reputation for working on several groundbreaking projects, with the most recent one being the collaboration with BinarApps, a strategic partner of IOHK, the development company behind Cardano. The move is to leverage the expertise of the Cardano blockchain to create a protocol that will set the pace in the industry. The partnership is expected to pave way for Plutus smart contracts.

The Asdra Protocol Project, which is the flagship solution from the company, is designed as a remittance service, with a plethora of features and different layers to deliver an unprecedented experience to users. The solution is designed with Asdra’s aims of making digital banking services equal and usable by everyone, irrespective of their location, leveraging blockchain technology and the internet.

The remittance service is designed to help the unbanked gain financial freedom and services that they are being limited to. Consequently, the partnership with BinarApps, a company with tons of experience working on several FinTech projects is laudable.

The protocol is utilizing several layers that work in harmony with the ecosystem, including the Asdra FIAT: Pegged Stable Tokens and the Asdra Utility Token.

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