Instantly send money with ZERO fees

Asdra allows anyone to send money abroad without a bank account

Re-designed One Tap sign in

We simplify features to make registering, creating a wallet and username as easy as one tap.

Best FX rate

With Asdra Stable tokens pegged to FIAT, users can make international transfers at the best rates on the market.

Scalability in mind

Built in Cardano Blockchain Network, which provides a built-in scaling solution.

Secure Transactions by Design

With Cardano Smart Contract on Plutus Platform, transactions run through the most reliable network that has been redesigned from the ground up.

Instant speed transaction

Cardano Blockchain performs transactions in real time using the consensus algorithm, which increases the efficiency of transactions and makes them faster, up to 10,000 TPS.

Receive cash fast

We work with Money Exchangers and Convenience Store operators to provide a back-end application that facilitates daily transactions.

Facilitate international remittances

By removing the barriers, we use blockchain technology in an effort to make it easier for the less fortunate to send their hard earned money home, Asdra provides all the keys to a perfect remittance system.


Create your wallet with One-Tap

No more complicated steps to sign up. We simplify features to make registering, creating a wallet and username as easy as one tap

Deposit, get paid or top up easily

Get paid through your employer or top up by yourself through our P2P partners.

Send money from your contacts

Receive and Cash Out

Receive and Cash Out

Your family receives money in Asdra Wallet and cash out through our partners.

Asdra Move takes advantage of the Asdra protocol

Built with 7 layers for complex functions and contains multiple smart contracts that allow fiat money to be converted into stable tokens, tokens to be exchanged and moved, token stability to be managed and controlled algorithmically. Users can trade stable tokens and make instant cross-border payments.

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