Enabling the Next Generation of Decentralized Finance with Multichain Semi-Also Collateralized Assets.

Asdra Protocol is the solution to Global Remittance

Amazing advances

Stable Tokens provides a better user experience for trading and leveraging assets or stable tokens.

The power of Asdra Move

Asdra Move execute worldwide remittances with the use of Asdra Stable Tokens.

Asdra Stable Tokens

Asdra is actively engaged to revolutionize the traditional money in a better way.
 Introduce Asdra Stable Tokens, a Token pegged 1:1 to FIAT currencies.

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Digital Finance is secure and Fast!

Stable Tokens transactions are secured through blockchain technology and fast, transactions are executed in seconds 24/7 with no weekends or holidays.

Access to DeFi Services

Imagine to be able to obtain better interests from your traditional Bank, flash loads, combo assets, your money, your way.


Stable Tokens are better protected compare do traditional FIAT currencies, blockchain and Asdra was build with Privacy in mind.


Asdra Stable Tokens can be swap between Blockchains to ensure interoperability.

Blockchains, A perfect storm of features

1 year of blockchain is 10 years everywhere else, new DeFis and Dapps services are born every day.

Don’t let your Token stuck in one place

The first generation of Stable Tokens are single chain, it means they cannot be converted for other blockchains easily.

A Token with no limits

Asdra build Stable Tokens with the future in mind, they can be swap between blockchains with simplicity and often gas free.

Hold them and use anytime

Asdra Stable Tokens can be storage into the Asdra Pay and be used for day to day transactions.

In and Out DeFI

Asdra’s Ecosystem interacts with DeFi services, any type of financial service accessible with a single tap.

Your assets stay safe

Asdra Stable Tokens are algorithmically generated though a swap of Asdra Utility tokens and can also be generated by providing FIAT as collateral.

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Chains supported by Asdra Ecosystem

Designed to meet the needs of wallets, exchanges, 
custodians and other digital Stable Tokens.