A mission-driven team

At Asdra, we are an innovative FinTech company that strives to make digital banking accessible and equal for everyone, everywhere, in real time.

Asdra Inc.

Founded in the United States as a fundamental pillar of the FinTech industry, Asdra Inc. is the primary entity through which the Asdra Protocol is launched and maintained.

Global Remittances

Transfer money to anywhere in the world instantly.

Stable Tokens

Exchange local currency token to destination currency token.

Lightning Speed

Execute transactions in seconds with initial support of 65,000 TPS.

Lower Fees

Utilizing Asdra Stable Tokens to offer real-time global money transfers with the best rate on the market.

Asdra Foundation

The Asdra Foundation was set up with the purpose of promoting Asdra adoption and maintaining the Asdra Protocol through voting on issues relating to the governance of Asdra.

Driving Adoption

The user is the central and most significant priority in the Asdra ecosystem. The Asdra Foundation exists to advance the interest of the user.


A decentralized network entirely managed by Asdra Token holders in order to build a transparent future. A future based on more truth and less trust.


We actively engage and collaborate with policymakers, law-making bodies and regulators to lay the foundation for this revolutionary technology.

Global Payments